Name researcher: Mamadou Goita & Mirjam de Bruijn
Affiliation: IRPAD-Afrique & Leiden University/ASCL

Synopsis: social and cultural organisations, and NGOs are playing an ever greater role in promoting and maintaining Fulani identity. They might also be able to play a role in building bridges with other non-Fulani parts of society. The purpose of this activity is to come to grips with networks within  and beyond Fulani society that have the potential to build bridges with other population groups, national governments, civil society organisations and the international community. This project aims on the one hand to make an inventory of these networks and on the other hand to assess their potential role and disseminating the results of the research and reconciliation between Fulani and Fulani. The researcher will closely collaborate with the other team members to ensure smooth handing over of information and contacts

Activities over time

  • Inventory of organisations active in this field
  • Interviews with representatives of these organisations
  • Organisation of workshops
  • Mapping of networks and contacts
  • Identification of networking activities
  • Drafting of an implementation plan


  • Semester report
  • Workshops organized
  • Policy briefs
  • Publication about nature and scope of social and cultural organisations